The declared aim of our Company is to further strengthen our market position and to consistently leverage opportunities for its expansion. Thereby, we want to ensure the profitability of our Company and the jobs for the long term. Apart from achieving sufficient business results, in particular the concerns of our clients, our employees and the general public are taken into account. Furthermore, we live up to our responsibility when it comes to the protection of environment and the related careful use of resources. We strive both for the implementation of energy-efficient facilities and procedures, which even exceed the state of the art, and the compliance of framework conditions set by the legislator. We fulfill further reaching environmental standards when it is economically sound to do so, and we actively look for solutions with our customers, the legislator and public authorities as well as our employees.

Creativity, motivation and personnel commitment of our managers and employees are decisive for the success of our Company. As a consequence, occupational health and safety are core elements of our corporate policy. Each and every manager and employee are required to implement our corporate policy in an aim-oriented manner and to contribute to our Company’s success by means of transparency, information, communication, challenging their own action and improvement of personal performance. Managers in particular have an exemplary function in the field of occupational health and safety as well as environmental protection, they clarify necessary actions to employees and require everyone to implement them. Occupational health and safety are closely interconnected with quality and environmental protection and cannot be separated from each other in day-to-day business. This is what we promote and require in our corporate policy. Furthermore, in relation to the current energy policy of our government, it is necessary to address the issue of energy as a strategic topic and to bring it in accord with the concept of the Continual Improvement Process within the environmental management system. Quality, environmental protection, occupational health and safety are integrated elements in our Company.