Our coatings can be designed to deal with service temperatures of up to 120 °C and a whole range of mechanical properties, like resistance against stress, strain, indentation and impact. Pipes for offshore installation are given a non-slip coating regardless of whether or not they are subsequently coated with concrete. This is done by applying polyolefin and FBE coatings with textured surfaces, or by including fine particles in the coating (sandpaper effect).

Besides coatings for oil and gas pipes, EUROPIPE supplies solutions for the long-distance transportation of both drinking water and waste water. The internal linings used for such requirements are based on epoxy and are available for pipes and fittings. The external coatings are identical to those for EUROPIPE oil and gas pipelines. Coating is precision work. Not only does the coating have to be tailored to the climatic conditions in the field and the properties of the product to be conveyed, it also has to protect the pipe during transport, storage and subsequent installation.